DivorceCare New Edition (3.0) Downloadable Audio Set

DivorceCare New Edition (3.0) Downloadable Audio Set

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DivorceCare DivorceCare Audio
DivorceCare DivorceCare New Edition Audio
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Product Description

Listen to DivorceCare on your MP3 player, smart phone or computer. Catch up on sessions you missed, or listen to your favorite sessions again. In a separate email message you will receive a link to download the audio versions of the 13 DivorceCare sessions in MP3 format, which will arrive the next business day.

Tablet & Smart Phone Users: If you have a tablet or smart phone (e.g., iPad, Kindle Fire, iPhone) you will likely not be able to download the audio set straight to your device. You will first need to download the audio set (in ZIP format) to a laptop or desktop where you can unzip the MP3 files and sync them to your device.

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