Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for Character… In You and Your Kids!

Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for Character… In You and Your Kids!

Shaw Books 2002 Paperback

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Product Description

Parents often feel angry when their children do the wrong things. But responding to children in anger rarely brings about the desired result and can even have a damaging effect instead. Anger doesn't have to be the enemy. It can be a trigger that makes parents better parents.
-- Learn to parent successfully without yelling.
-- Implement a five-step plan for teaching children to follow instructions.
-- Help children accept no as an answer.
-- Understand how to discipline a child who lies.
-- Learn the difference between attitudes and moods and how to help children change them.

Recognizing the very real emotions that parents feel, Good and Angry taps into the constructive side of anger and teaches new strategies for addressing the thingschildren do that drive parents crazy. This book addresses common problem areas -- such as annoying behavior, lying, not following instructions, and bad attitudes -- and outlines seven routines that help children improve in these areas and, in the process, build both the parent's and child's relationships with God.

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  • Publisher: Shaw Books
  • ISBN: 0877880301
  • ISBN-13: 9780877880301
  • UPC: 9780877880301
  • SKU: 0877880301
  • Release Date: September 17, 2002
  • Pages: 256
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
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